Choir members, well done on Palm Sunday. We received many compliments about the sound of the choir and the music. Thank you for making the effort and putting soul into our sound.

I have received many requests for information and updates on music.

Given all the information I have, I have decided to cancel the proposed Wednesday evening rehearsal and ask that choir members make themselves available at the following times:

Thursday, 6.30-7 pm before mass at 7.30 pm

Saturday, 6-7 pm before mass at 7.30 pm 

Sunday, 9 am before mass at 9.30 am

So that there is no ambiguity about what we are singing, I will list everything here:


Holy Thursday

CWB 309, An upper room

A new commandment – during the washing of the feet

Offertory, God so loved the world

Communion, CWB 325 My song is love unknown (in parts)

Post communion Tantum ergo CWB 315-316

Dear Kristian, are we still singing Lizt or something??? 


Easter Vigil

Tony, Fr. and Kristian will sing the The Exsultet

Entrance hymn CWB 341 At the Lamb’s High Feast we sing

Sequence O Flock of Christ CWB 345

Offertory CWB 354 Christ the Lord Is Risn again

Communion By Ev’ry Nation (in parts from the hand outs)

Recessional CWB 352 By your kingly power (in parts)


Easter Sunday

CWB 353, Christ the Lord is Ris’n Again

Collection 360 Jesus Christ is rs’n today

Offertory, The peace of God

Communion, Mozart’s laudate dominum

Recessional CWB 352 By your kingly power


Important dates:

Our plan remains firm that we will have sung mass on Sunday, 15 April which will be the Haydn. Then on Sunday, 29 April we will have the Missa Criolla. Then the choir will recess for winter and all those who would like to can come to Bendigo for our annual outing.

In Christian love and unity with you all,