Welcome to the new year, 2020. I have no doubt everyone in our parish and choir is excited already knowing that our beloved church, St. Peter’s will be reopened sometime this year. It’s going to be a year of renewal and re-invigoration. But more about that later….

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone for your work and efforts throughout Advent and Christmas. In reduced circumstances we made a great effort to keep united in song and we sure did fill OLOL with beautiful music at Christmas.

I have decided to revive the blog as a means of getting information out to the choir and hopefully to attract and retain some new members as our music program grows towards the opening celebrations for the church. Feedback is always welcomed, either in person or email me: danielpebrace@gmail.com.

This blog as the first in the season will cover quite a bit of ground:

  1. Cantor roster to Easter
  2. Our special program for the season of Lent (yes, who is this lady?)
  3. A brief update on the plans for the renovation of the organ and music area at St. Peter’s


  1. Cantor and hymn roster to Easter 2020

I loved this medieval depiction of the Presentation (above), everybody looking so smart and dressed to the nines complete with wimple. I don’t think historical accuracy was high on the artists list of priorities!

YEAR A Cantor Choir Hymns
Baptism of the Lord 12/01 Tony NA 283, 463
2nd Sunday Ordinary Time 19/01 Phillip 629, 621
3rd Sunday Ordinary Time 26/01 Peter 437, national athem
Presentation of the Lord 03/02 Kristian 427, 533
5th Sunday Ordinary Time 09/02 Peggy 178, 647
6th Sunday Ordinary Time 16/02 Tony 543, 625
7th Sunday Ordinary Time 23/02 Phillip 504, 639
Ash Wednesday 26/02 Tony 292, 290
Choir resumes practice Thursday, 27 Feb
1st Sunday Lent 01/03 Peter Choir 295, 296
2nd Sunday Lent 08/03 Kristian Choir 434, 301
3rd Sunday Lent 15/03 Peggy Choir 299, 473
4th Sunday Lent 24/03 Tony Choir 450, 582
Annunciation of the Lord 25/03 Phillip 247, 417
Concert of music for meditation and contemplation by Margaret Rizza 2 pm Saturday 28 March at the Parish Hall of St. Peter’s. 
5th Sunday Lent 29/03 Peter Choir 129, 292
Palm Sunday 31/03 Tony Choir Music, etc TBA…
Maundy Thursday 07/04 Kristian/


Passion Friday 14/04 Kristian/


Holy Saturday 18/04 Kristian/


Easter Sunday 19/04 Kristian/



2. Our special program for the season of Lent (yes, who is this lady?)

Instruments of meditation and music for contemplative worship – our music series for the season of Lent 2020.


This Lent the choir is invited for a special series of music of the living composer, Margaret Rizza (featured in the ‘hero image’ and above, https://www.margaretrizza.com/).

Thanks to our conductress, Janette, we are featuring a special program of Margaret’s works leading up to a concert presentation on Saturday, 28 March at 2 pm.

To enhance this musical offering we are also featuring each week during Lent a musical ‘instrument of reflection’ – a musician playing the oboe, cello and perhaps flute and viola. Cellist and musical director of the Bendigo Symphony, Luke Severn (pictured below, https://www.lukesevernmusic.com/) is confirmed along with the B.Symphony’s talented oboist, Greg Pharo.


To ensure the highest musical standards a new policy is being introduced to ensure minimum attendance by choir members and this will be explained in full at our first get together which is scheduled for 27 February at 7 pm. Please don’t be put off by this news, come to practice or speak to me with an open mind. This isn’t about shutting people out of the choir, it is about honouring the music and our role in worship at St. Peter’s.

3. A brief update on the plans for the renovation of the organ and music area at St. Peter’s

20200114_112405 (1).jpg

It is with sadness that I let you know, Mr Robert Heatley, principle of Australian Pipe Organs, who has cared for the maintenance and tuning of our organ for many years has passed away. Our condolences have been conveyed to Mrs Jillian Heatley, Robert’s widow and Daniel Bittener who has taken over the restoration of Big Bertha, our organ. I have a trip planned to review progress on the cleaning, restoration and improvement of the organ later on this month and will be happy to report back after the visit.

In the next week or so, you will notice some platform risers appearing at the rear of the Parish Hall. This is what currently is planned for the choir and music area in the refurbished church. We are encouraged to give these a go, a good workout and so will be using the setup during Lent to test out the conditions as currently planned for the rear of the church when it is reopened.

That said, an alternate, less temporary, approach has also been suggested directly to the architect and also Fr Brendan for consideration.

A number of musical events have been proposed to Fr Brendan relating to the opening of St. Peter’s. These include a mass for the masses involving schools and other music groups in the area as well as the commissioning of musical works and reaching far back into our wonderfully rich musical tradition to revive fantastic works for the opening and dedication of churches and that relate to our patron, St. Peter (including the Dubois we sang some years ago now, if you remember).

Currently the church may be handed over from the builders mid-year. However, until a firm date is agreed, I’m not sure how far we’ll be able to progress our plans for music and we might even need to hold off until Spring when we are back to our full complement. As always, happy to chat.

That’s all for now.

Yours in music and the peace of Christ,

Daniel, the organist.